Students at Tri-State Christian Academy have many opportunities for their development outside of academics.  It is important to provide varying opportunities for the student that best exercise their unique, God-given talents, abilities and interests.


Our high school drama department offers an exciting opportunity for students to branch out into the world of fine arts and discover their talents and learn new skills.  Each year the HS drama team produces a full-length play at the end of the first semester.  Throughout the course, students will learn the organizational structure behind set design, stage properties, stage lighting, costuming, sound, make-up and promotion.  It is an honor to work with such gifted individuals, and I look forward each year to directing the students in hopes that this artistic experience will be memorable.

- Mrs. Susan Criddle

Middle School Drama is  a great opportunity for our young people to continue to develop their public speaking and acting skills. We also do sound and lighting production for those students who would rather work behind the scenes. Tryouts are held in January and our final production is at the end of April. Some of our recent productions include The Beverly Hillbillies, Get Smart, The Ransom of Red Chief and Father Knows Best.  We generally perform comedies which provide a fun learning experience for everyone involved.

- Mr. Kevin Moran



I am blessed to be able to lead the chapel worship team each week!  It is amazing to get to be a part of training our future worship leaders and to lead our students in worship.  My prayer is that every student at TSCA will grow to be men & women that worship the Lord daily and in everything they do. The Bible says we are to "Sing to the Lord a new song and His praise from the ends of the earth" Isaiah 42:10 and that is our goal at TSCA.  It is my goal to encourage every student to love the Lord and to sing joyfully to the Rock of our salvation! 

- Mrs. Jen Burrows


Students will learn a variety of Business Administration procedures including Customer Relations, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Production Control, Integrated Manufacturing, Quality Control, Economics and Financial Analysis, Employee Relations, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation Techniques, Problem Resolution, Writing Contracts, Employee Review Process and Budget Management
Students will demonstrate introductory knowledge and proficiency of individual & corporate Business Operations and use technology to record, analyze, interpret and communicate financial data for a given task.
Students will have the opportunity to compete in the Diamond State Challenge Competition for Business Entrepreneurs. TSCA will compete in both the “For Profit” and “Social Impact” team competitions. 

- Mr. Tom Berry

Intro & Honors Law

Students will develop an understanding of courtroom procedure and the rules of evidence, exercise public speaking and dramatic arts skills, and gain an introductory level of exposure to the practice of law.  Through the course of preparing the class to compete in the annual Maryland High School Mock Trial competition, students will conduct direct and cross examinations of witnesses, draft and perform opening and closing arguments, and demonstrate mastery of the rules of evidence by making and defending objections.  The class will explore distinctions in criminal and civil law, and the rights of both parties and witnesses in the justice system.  Students will review simulated court documents and synthesize rational theories of defense or prosecution using deductive and inductive reasoning.  The class will receive insight from members of the Maryland State Bar Association into the legal career field, and will have the opportunity to observe and/ or participate in simulated trial events in an actual court room.  Students will also be exposed to basic elements of constitutional law and the foundations of the rule of law in society.

- Mr. Tom Berry


“The band is comprised of middle and high school musicians working on various elements of marching musicianship that would be used in either a parade, or "field show" performance.
The benefits of the marching band far exceed that of just making music. To a great extent the success of the band is built upon the principles of a strong work ethic, self discipline, and focus and attention to detail.

It is our goal through the marching band program to not only build better musicians, but to also create more responsible citizens.”.

- Mr. Cliff Thompson


Guitar    Lessons

I offer guitar lessons to 1st through 12th grade enrolled students and homeschoolers. The students learn all about the instrument, music theory basics, and chord formation and application. My material comes from Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course Books and praise and worship song sheets. At Christmas time the students help lead in Christmas carols during Elementary Chapel, and at the end of the school year students participate in an end-of-year recital where they showcase their new talent!

- Mrs. Donna Gridley

Piano     Lessons


Tailored to each individual’s abilities and interests, lessons are available during the day or after school and utilize the Fabers’ highly popular Piano Adventures series. The instructor, Mary Biron, is passionate about introducing students to the joy of making music.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Mary at 410-392-4981 or online at

More information >> Mary’s Music Lessons

National Honor Societies

Honor society 1.jpg

Members of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society here at TSCA are being taught to foster such qualities as leadership, scholarship, character, service and citizenship.  It is considered to be a privilege to be a part of these groups of students.  Our NHS and NJHS have several opportunities to give back to both our school and our community throughout the school year. They are truly a hard working bunch of students, that I couldn't be more proud of!

- Mrs. Sarah Kocher
NHS & NJHS Adviser