Business Expo

On Wednesday, February 20th, our Sixth Graders will hold their annual Business Expo in the gymnasium. This exposerves as a math project in which the students are paired together and then must create their own business deciding on a name, product, display etc. The profit they earn from their business will benefit their field trip to Philadelphia. Students in grades K3-12th will each have a turn to shop at the business expo from 12:30---2:30 on February 20th. Parents may send money with their student in an envelope marked Business Expo.

2012-2013 Business List

"Tummy Yummy's" - Cookies "Gumby's" - Gummy Treats "Frosty Cones" - Snow Cones "Pop Crew" - Pop Corn "Crafty Crew" - Duct Tape Crafts "Flower Puff Girls" - Flower Crafts "Chocolate This & Chocolate That" - Chocolate covered strawberries, Chocolate Pretzels "The Amazing Spider-men" - Spider Oreos "Care Bear Cupcakes" - Cupcakes "Kitty Kakepops" - Hello Kitty Pops "Three Stooges Crew" - Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Balls "Stress Dawgs" - Stress Balls "Cupids Counter" - Brownies, Heart Treats