Crusader Walk 2017


Plan now to be part of an exciting school-wide fundraiser On

Friday April 28, 2017

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

1.      Complete your five flyers with the names and addresses of people you would like to sponsor you in the Crusader Walk…AND...Register online (see details below), send at least 5 e-mails to other potential sponsors.

2.     Return flyers completed with names, addresses & postage to your homeroom teacher …no later than March 31st.

3.     Walk with your classmates on the day of the Crusader Walk.  Have fun and get fit all while raising money for your school!


FREE Lunch and T-Shirt will be provided for each qualifying* walker

*To qualify, each student must: Submit 5 flyers complete with names, addresses and postage; register online and send 5 e-mails AND Obtain a minimum of $30 in sponsors before the day of the walk (Families with 3 or more students must complete 5 flyers, send 5 e-mails and obtain a minimum of $75)

Each homeroom having 100% of their students returning completed forms and registering online by March 31st will receive a dress-down day!

One student at each level (Elem, MS & HS) raising the most money wins $100!

The class that raises the most money (average $ per student) wins a pizza party!