Recycling Program

TSCA is excited to announce that we have joined the Dream Machine Recycle Rally.  Through this program we will earn points by recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  We will be able to redeem our points for rewards such as sporting goods, educational events, books and videos, and more!

We will have collection areas here within the school, but would love for you to collect and send in your empty bottles and cans from home as well.  Only Plastic #1 PET or PETE and aluminum beverage containers are accepted for pickup through the Dream Machine Recycle Rally program.  If you are unsure if a bottle is made of PET or PETE, please check the bottom of the bottle for the #1 recycling insignia.  Also, please be sure to leave the barcode on the bottles as well as any lids.

Also, just a reminder that we also collect Box Tops for Education, Campbell Soup Labels (must have barcode), Capri Sun Juice Pouches, and used toner cartridges.  Please send all items to the Main Office.

Thank you for your support!